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A Picture Book without Picture changes the world.

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A Picture Book without Pictures that you draw pictures on.

A Picture Book without Pictures -
If this planet is covered with pictures
By Hiromi Inayoshi
Published by Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd.


2013. 11.18 - 21

Joint Exhibition of Hiromi Inayoshi & Karipbek Kuyukov

In June 2013, I received a letter with a leaflet from his Excellency the Ambassador of 
Republic of Kazakhstan. It was a request for collaboration between the Picture Book without 
Pictures Project which I lead in attempt to establish true peace and the world without 
nuclear weapons or wars, and the Atom Project, the national project of Kazakhstan aiming at 
permanent abolition of nuclear testing and complete nuclear disarmament.

I can never forget the shock I got when I saw the leaflet of the Atom Project. 
We, Japanese, are the only people who know the horror of nuclear weapons by heart, because, 
as you know, the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki took the life of 400,000 people 
literally in a flash. However, as we turn to look at the whole world, we find many countries still 
keep up nuclear weapons, even though they know its threat. They have tested those 
weapons thousands of times. But, we have never been informed of this fact and have lived our 
daily life without knowing how these deadly testing have affected people, 
nature and the whole earth.

“Day after day, nuclear radiation has kept poisoning us, our steppe, rivers, 
and lakes of Karaganda in Eastern Kazakhstan, slowly killing all the life in the region. Nuclear 
poison destroyed the life and health of more than 1.5 million people who lived close to 
the nuclear testing site. Nuclear testing still affects us strongly today.”

“As a global impact of nuclear testing, people of somewhere between 2 million and 
6 million have died and up to 20 million suffer serious diseases as cancers, and congenital 

From the leaflet of the Atom Project

Now, Mr. Karipbek Kuyukov, the Honorary Ambassador of the Atom Project, 
tells us, Japanese, what have been really happening as the consequence of nuclear testing. 
Through his armless figure, his paintings, his art ………

As a peace conductor and an artist myself, I am very proud of introducing him to
Japan and organizing a joint exhibition of my Picture Book without Pictures Project and his 
Atom Project in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nothing could give me more pleasure, 
if an encounter and efforts for peace of two artists could be of any help for 
the world to progress for the better. 

Hiromi Inayoshi

Peace conductor
Graphic designer and artist


I am a graphic designer, an artist, and an author of picture books, and as a peace 
conductor, I engage in global activities toward establishing true peace and the world without 
nuclear weapons or wars by means of design and art.

Artists are creators, but never even think of creating arms or nuclear weapons, or causing a war. 
It’s scientists who created arms and nuclear weapons, not we artists.

We all have an innocent childhood, when we dreamed of becoming heroes who fight for 
peace and justice against evil powers trying to conquer earth, as we fancied ourselves as those 
in TV and movies. Our future was full of hope and dream, but as we have grown up, 
we have changed and lost our childhood innocence.

Those who created nuclear weapons would have never imagined themselves to become creators 
of weapons of mass destruction which may ruin whole mankind in a flash.

Then, at what point of time have we lost our childhood innocence and love for peace?
When have we begun to change? Is it impossible to preserve innocent mind of childhood when 
we have grown up? Isn’t it possible ever to resume our pure and peace - loving mind of 
childhood once lost and gone in the process of growing up?

Even if we could realize a world without nuclear weapons or wars, it would be only 
a temporary one, if we could not find a way to avoid the change of the mind from children to 
grown-ups and to preserve pure, innocent and peace-loving mind of childhood in 
all mankind. Because true peace is never to be realized without drastic change of human mind 
which falls easily into temptation to bring out wars and create nuclear weapons. 

I wrote “A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered by pictures” as a tool 
to help realize true peace and the world without nuclear weapons or wars. By drawing pictures, 
children can preserve their innocent and peace-loving mind and grow-ups can resume such 
mind as we all had in our childhood.

I firmly believe that my “A Picture Book without Pictures” can be a material for peace
education and the “A Picture Book without Pictures Project” can be a definite means of creating
and retaining true peace and the world without nuclear weapons or wars.

Hiromi Inayoshi

Peace conductor
Leader of the “A Picture Book without Pictures Project”

Grapgic Designer and Artist

about project

A Picture Book without Pictures Project

A Picture Book without Pictures changes the world.

It aims to create and retain the world without nuclear weapons or wars by means of art. 
“A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures” was written by Hiromi 
Inayoshi, graphic designer and artist. It’s a fantasy about a planet destroyed by nuclear wars, 
where its creatures try to revive it as a beautiful planet as it used to be, by keep drawing pictures.

This book was published from Froebel-kan Co., Ltd. in the occasion of the memorable 
speech by U.S. President Obama in 2009 in Prague declaring to seek the world peace without 
nuclear weapons. It is used now as a material of peace education in many elementary, 
secondary and high schools, and even in universities, and is referred to as textbook for peace.

As the title shows, it has no picture in it. In keeping with the story, anyone - children 
and grown-ups alike - can draw their own pictures to make his/her own book unique in the world. 
By drawing pictures all through Picture Book without Picture, children’s sensitivity and 
creativity will be nurtured over time, and hope for the peaceful world without nuclear weapons 
will be cultivated in the heart and mind of all the people.

In 2010, the exhibition of A Picture Book without Pictures started in Hiroshima in 
which the picture books drawn by children and volunteers of every sector of society were exhibited. 
The exhibition will be continued in Japan and various countries of the world until 2020, 
the year of nuclear disarmament.

In 2012, “Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures: 
With recitation and CD (recitation by Saburo Tokito and music by Makoto Ozone)” was published, 
and the second of the series, “A Picture Book without Pictures - I want to be a OOGOMADARA 
butterfly: With recitation and CD (recitation by Misuzu Kannno and music by Makoto Ozone)”, 
was published, which is also a fantasy on the hope grown out of the tragedy of wars and 
the wish for the world with no wars.

“A Picture Book without Pictures” series is going to be published in the world, 
translated into various languages. This project is spreading out to evoke a global movement 
aiming at the world without nuclear weapons and wars.


Message from Prof. Muhammad Yunus

We can create a world
without poverty, without war,
without weapon of mass destruction
and without diseases.
All we have to do is to believe
in us that we can do it,
and work for it.

Nobel Laureate of Peace Price
Founder of Grammen Bank
Professor Muhammad Yunus
31 March, 2010


Hiromi Inayoshi

Peace conductor
Leader of the “A Picture Book without Pictures”

Hiromi Inayoshi, the project leader and author of “A Picture Book without Pictures”is 
a master artist in mark (logo) designs and world-class graphic designer, and His masterstroke is 
the double gold medals awarded by New York ADC, called Academy Award and 
the highest peak in the design world, for its advertising poster section as the first Asian. Awarded,
ever since, Tokyo ADC Prize, Distinctive Merit Award and many other Merit Awards of 
New York ADC, Grand Prix of Japan Typography Award, Excellence Award of the Architectural 
and Show Room Design at the Display and Commercial Space Design Japan, Grand Prix 
of Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association, Excellence Award of International Corporate 
Identity, Excellence Award of Swiss Graphis Corporate Identity with honor of Great 
Example of Typography, Gold Award of Lahti Poster Biennale, Prizes for Warsaw Poster Biennale 
and Bruno Design Biennale, and more than 100 others. 

He proclaims that mark (logo) is art, icon portraying one’s inner self, and established 
a renaissance in portrayal art in which personal mark is a new art form for insignia persona. Since 
1999, he has created personal marks for many people in the world, including such 
VIPs and cultural figures as His Majesty the King of Thailand, His Majesty the Sultan of Burnei, 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Prof. Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Since 1996, he has considered it as his mission to utilize designing and art as a tool for 
problem-solving for various world issues and promotion of lasting peace, and taken an active 
part in global social actions. His activities have received high recognition globally and 
he is now called social design innovator and peace conductor.

His activities include National Identity Project of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, 
support for UN in designing, The Biggest Painting in the World 2020, in which pictures of chil-
dren in the world regardless of country, race, religion or language are joined into one 
big painting to promote awareness for peace (heiwa in Japanese which consists of two characters 
meaning “plain surface” and “harmony”), A Picture Book without Pictures Project to 
create and retain the world without nuclear weapons nor wars, CI design competitions to nurture 
peace awareness and creativity of the coming generation, ART AID which is a global 
dissemination of peace character, Love Earth Love Children Global Charity Champaign, etc. 
Using freely his natural talent and ability, he is working hard to achieve his life mission; 
to accomplish true peace and the world without nuclear weapons or wars.

A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures
by Froebel-kan Co., Ltd.

A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures: 
With recitation and CD by Froebel-kan Co., Ltd.

A Picture Book without Pictures - I want to be a OOGMADARA butterfly: 
With recitation and CD by Froebel-kan Co., Ltd.

His titles include Director General of NGO/NPO Earth Identity Projects
and others

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picture books

Japanese version

A Picture Book without Pictures
If this planet is covered with pictures
With recitation and music CD

1st printing in July 2012
author: Hiromi Inayoshi
publisher: Hideo Mutoh
published by: Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd.
6-14-9 6-14-9, Honkomagome, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo, Japan
03-5395-6613 Tel: 03-5395-6613 Publishing & Sales Dept.
Printed by Toppan Printing

Printed in Japan
68p 21cm × 21cm
ISBN978-4-577-04010 NDC 913
CB771 1500EN + consumer tax

© Hiromi Inayoshi, 2012

Produce : Hiroko Kawahara
cooperation : Dr. Tsuyoshi Nara

Art Direction: Hiromi Inayoshi
Book binding: Hiromi inayoshi
Design: Hiromi Inayoshi, Atsushi Jinmei
Type setting: Atsushi Jinmei, HirokoTanaka 

A part of the profit from the sales of 
the Japanese version of “A Picture Book without 
Pictures - If this planet is covered with 
pictures - with recitation and music CD” is being 
donated to the peace movements by 
the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and support 
activities for East Japan Earthquake 
and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster victims.

exhibit 2010-2020

Exhibition of A Picture Books without Pictures in 2010-2020

The exhibition is composed of the Picture Books with pictures by children and by 
prominent people in all walks of society in the world to whom we have asked to draw freely. 
You can pick up each one of them at the exhibition to see all pages.

This exhibition will continue until 2020, the time envisioned as the year of nuclear 
disarmament, at the museums, galleries and schools in the countries which show understanding 
in the spirit and intention of the project. Only-one-in-the-world books gathered in one 
place generate power and bring forth the message of hope for the world without wars, without 
nuclear weapons, and with ever-lasting peace, which will change the world.

Saburo Tokito and CHIKA☆ read the book and Makoto Ozone, a world famous pianist, 
accompanies the recitation in the CD of “Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered 
with pictures: With recitation and music CD”. And the exhibition of A Picture Books without 
Pictures has been regularly held as a fusion of literature, picture (art), recitation (stage performance) 
and music, which is also a poetry reading session and charity concert combined.

The 1st exhibition of Picture Books without Pictures 2010-2020 was held at Toubunsai 
at Hiroshima Municipal Motomachi High School in which the Picture Book without Pictures 
by created the students of Creative Art Course and other voluntary people from all walks 
of society were displayed.

1111 Peaceful Charity Session, a related event of 11th Nobel Peace Laureate World 
Summit, was held, where the recitation of “A Picture Book without Pictures” was performed by 
Misuzu Kanno and Saburo Tokito, accompanied by Makoto Ozone, pianist.

The Exhibition of Picture Books without Pictures 2010 -2020 was held at 11th Nobel Peace 
Laureate World Summit.

The Exhibition of Picture Books without Pictures 2010 -2020 was held at ex-Bank of 
Japan Hiroshima Branch Building, an important cultural properties of Hiroshima City as an a-
bombed building, in hopes of recovery and restoration from Fukushima Nuclear Plant 
Disaster by East Japan Earthquake.

The Exhibition of Picture Books without Pictures 2010-2020 and 3.9, Charity Concert 
was held in support of the Recovery from East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Plant 
Disaster, at Hibiya Public Hall.

The charity concert in honor of the publication of “A Picture Book without Pictures - 
If this planet is covered with pictures: With recitation and music CD” was held at Hitomi Memorial 
Hall of Showa Women’s University, where Dr. Mohammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Laureate, 
recited its English version and his daughter and opera singer, Monica Yunus had a soprano recital.

The Exhibition of Picture Books without Pictures 2010-2020 by Hiromi Inayoshi 
was held at Keiko University, Mita Campus. All the six graders in Sakuradai Elementary School, 
Sagamino City, drew pictures on “A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is
covered with pictures” as their graduation work and the Exhibition of Picture Books without 
Pictures 2010-2020 was held at their museum.

poetry reading

“APicture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures: 
With recitation and music CD” includes reading by Saburo Tokito and CHIKA☆, accompanied 
by piano by Makoto Ozone, pianist. Thus this book is made to nurture sensitivity and 
creativity in children and grown-ups alike through its recitation and beautiful accompanying 
music by world-class pianist.

1.“A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures”
Recitation and music
Recitation by Saburo Tokito
Music by Makoto Ozone (improvisation by piano)

Covering 04’03’’out of 16’43’’ performance in CD.

2.“A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures”
Recitation and music
Recitation by CHIKA☆
Music by Makoto Ozone (improvisation by piano)

3.“A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures”
Piano solo improvisation with this story as motif
Piano by Makoto Ozone

Profile of the pianist

Makoto Ozone
Jazz pianist

Representative jazz artist of Japan in name and in reality. In 1983, graduated tope
  of the class from Berklee College of Music, and made a debut in the world, tied up with CBS 
as the first Japanese. In 2003, nominated for the 45th Grammy Award for the duo album 
with Gary Burton.  Since then he has worked on a large scale on classic music, and made a series 
of co-appearance with the orchestras in Japan and overseas. Received the Best Staff 
Award of Yomiuri Drama Grand Prix in 2009 for his music and performance in “Kumikyoku, 
Gyakusatu” (Massacre: a Suite). Keeps challenging a wide variety of activities beyond 
the world of jazz, such as music for TV dramas and theatres. beside being active in forefront of 
jazz music.
Official Site:

On recitation and music CD
1. “A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures”: 16’43”
 Recitation by Saburo Tokito
Music by Makoto Ozone (improve sation by piano)
 Makoto Ozone, Courtesy of Verve/Universal Music

2. “A Picture Book without Pictures - If this planet is covered with pictures”: 16'43"
Recitation by CHIKA☆
Music by Makoto Ozone (improvisation by piano)
Makoto Ozone, Courtesy of Verve/Universal Music)

3. Piano solo improvisation with this story as motif: 8'59"
Improvisation by Makoto Ozone playing YAMAHA CFX piano
Makoto Ozone, Courtesy of Verve/Universal Music

(Mixer's Labo) Recording: Mizuo Miura (Mixer’s Labo)
On September 14, 2010, at Sony Music Studio
Mastering: Shigeki Fujino

On April 6, 2012, at Universal Music Studio
Producers: Hiromi Inayoshi & Makoto Ozone
Executive producers: Hiroko Kawahara & Hiromi Inayoshi
Special cooperation: Makoto Shinohara (UNIVERSAL INTERNATIONAL)
Mine Okamoto (KAJIMOTO)  Kuniya Inaoka (Jazz Tokyo)


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